>CIRCA 2007

I was looking through some old artwork and found this.   Its background characters from my grad film I did back in 2007.  It all seems so long ago...


>Hair Day

I remember growing up and always being forced to get the same old haircut again and again. But one day, I begged and pleaded with my parents to get a haircut I wanted. They eventually agreed, and the result was a shaved head with bangs.


A random barbarian sketch to keep the blog alive.


>Evl WzRd

FACT: Evil wizards are awesome.


>Running Man

Last night at the gym I saw a guy running on a treadmill with his arms at his sides, like he was some strange bird trying to take flight. He was also wearing acid washed jeans.


>The ice cream bike burglar.
One summer as a kid, there were a string of burglaries in my neighbourhood, it ended up being the ice cream bike man. I don't know all the facts, but kids would say the police found popsicle sticks at a bunch of the crime scenes. Fact or fiction, I have no idea, but he was never caught. By the time the police figured it out he was long gone, off to pilfer another neighbourhood.


>Summer of '89 Lock & load! Me and my brothers ready for another typical summer day. Notice the Super Soaker 300, back then it was the most advanced technology a kid could get their hands on.

The antagonist.


A couple more old beat boards.


An older piece.