Mongolia Land of the Great Blue Sky

I stayed in Gers for the majority of the trip.
Inside a Ger, the roof represents the sun and its sunrays.
A nomad we met along the way, he was herding his camels’ home. He was just as curious about us as we were about him.

4-wheel drive came in handy when we drove halfway up a dormant volcano.

Pit stop in a small village.

Meeting a nomad family.

The family home, about 9 family members live in an area the size of my own room.
A small portion of the family, husband, wife and two of their 4 children.

Sometimes it really felt like I jumped in a time machine.

Boys and their Yaks.

Local horse race.

The roads stretch on and on.
Relaxing outside my Ger. Thanks to Rebecca for this last photo.


Finally, after months of anticipation I’m off… off to Mongolia! I’m excited and nervous about the unknown, but that’s what it’s all about right? I’m off to roam the countryside, live with the Nomads and eat foreign delicacies. My bag is packed, my pencils are sharp and my camera is ready to go! Here I come!


One of the few finished pages of an unfinished comic, it seems every time that I decide to sit down and work on this, life gives me a barrage of menial tasks and I’m forced to put it on hold…


Went on a 7 day hiking trip with a bunch of friends recently... coincidentally we managed to plan our trip perfectly in sync with the black flies. The HEIGHT of the black fly season in fact. Now I've done a lot of camping growing up, but I never EVER experienced anything like that. Luckily, the weekend was saved by one of our friends having a cottage only a few hours away. So what seemed like a doomed expedition ended up being even better! Funny how that happens...


Story sketches/beat boards for an idea. I decided to work in grayscale so I could concentrate on composition, mood etc…


Yes, a very simple design. But more than that it was a test to see how clean I could sculpt. Overall I was happy with the outcome and also a bit surprised how much effort it took to sculpt a smooth and symmetrical character. I’m hoping to sculpt something much more ambitious in the future.