Mongolia Land of the Great Blue Sky

I stayed in Gers for the majority of the trip.
Inside a Ger, the roof represents the sun and its sunrays.
A nomad we met along the way, he was herding his camels’ home. He was just as curious about us as we were about him.

4-wheel drive came in handy when we drove halfway up a dormant volcano.

Pit stop in a small village.

Meeting a nomad family.

The family home, about 9 family members live in an area the size of my own room.
A small portion of the family, husband, wife and two of their 4 children.

Sometimes it really felt like I jumped in a time machine.

Boys and their Yaks.

Local horse race.

The roads stretch on and on.
Relaxing outside my Ger. Thanks to Rebecca for this last photo.


Andre Barnwell said...

I admire the fact that you completely went outside the comfort zone of travel. Thats real cool. Dope pics too.

Jarrett said...

What the shit!? You crazy Scotsman. You went to the edge and back! Awesome.

andrew said...

These are some impressive pictures, especially the portraits. Nice framing too, but I wouldn't expect anything less from the Ross.

psyCHO said...

What the.... you went the other side of on earth?. so where r you now. Andrew Marco Polio Ross!?
Don't say you r looking for another new continent.

Raymond Xu said...

i just want to point out that Cho (aka uncle korea) has posted something for the first time in 3 years and emerged from complete anonymity.

pictures btw are stunning.

Raymond Xu said...

-the b&w set with the dude in white smoking is gangster.

Lubomir said...

Wow, riding yaks...I like it, seems very serene. Good photos.

Alina Chau said...

These photos are amazing!

Jessie Ilham said...

what's with all the chinese posts?

anyway, these are great^^ I stole some pictures for future drawing references