Mongolia Land of the Great Blue Sky

I stayed in Gers for the majority of the trip.
Inside a Ger, the roof represents the sun and its sunrays.
A nomad we met along the way, he was herding his camels’ home. He was just as curious about us as we were about him.

4-wheel drive came in handy when we drove halfway up a dormant volcano.

Pit stop in a small village.

Meeting a nomad family.

The family home, about 9 family members live in an area the size of my own room.
A small portion of the family, husband, wife and two of their 4 children.

Sometimes it really felt like I jumped in a time machine.

Boys and their Yaks.

Local horse race.

The roads stretch on and on.
Relaxing outside my Ger. Thanks to Rebecca for this last photo.